My Personal Links (still under construction :))

So you want to know more about me … Well – as i am still unsure what to put here & what not to put, so you are going to have to wait … 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions in the comments below … Please do not be too rude or I shall have to remove them … 🙂

For now, you are welcome to browse my music on bandcamp as well as some ratings of what I like here. I tend to listen to rather depressing music at the moment but I basically like all sorts, I prefer music to be new and fresh, this is why I am a great fan of bandcamp and cannot recommend it enough … 🙂

When I was 16, I had viral encephalitis and this has left certain consequences which I am still trying to deal with today. If you want to read more about it, you can do so here, where you will find a short, slightly incorrect and out of date, summary. At the end of this is a pdf for a more complete description in my own words. I have since updated it and you can read this here. It is my intention to write more about my experiences with encephalitis when I can. I gave a quick interview to BBC Merseyside on 29/05/20 but it is no longer available. Should I ever find it, I will put it here.